Grief & Loss at the Co-Op : a Group Grief Recovery Method Course this Fall in Denver, Colorado

Let’s Look At Grief Together

I invite you to look at the losses you’ve experienced this fall in a Grief Recovery Method 8 session course led by myself, Preston Murray, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist. In this course we will cover what grief is, the myths we’ve been told about grief, and how/why it can limit our capacity for joy. We will meet on Monday and Wednesdays at the Co-Op at 1st in the Lakewood neighborhood of Denver. Classes run approximately 2 hours and will begin at 6:30pm starting on Monday 9/30.

What To Expect

Within the 8 sessions you will take a look at the losses you’ve experienced and have the chance to look deeply at your most impactful loss. Upon completion of the course you will know how to help yourself and others deal with the inevitability of losses in life; you will make relationship with the loss that has been most heavy on your heart; and, it is my hope, you will leave the course with a bit more peace in your heart and joy in your life.

Unique Pricing Model

This course of the Grief Recovery Method will be offered under a Dāna pricing model. Dāna is the Sanksrit word for "generosity" and "giving". Students who complete this course in its entirety (without any absence) will be welcomed to give a donation to the instructor that aligns with the value they found in the class and their financial means. To cover the risk of students dropping out when the work gets difficult, students must agree to pay $50 per class they attended if they drop out. Dropping out of the group alters the container we create so students should only sign up for this course if they are committed to stick with it for the 8 sessions over 4 weeks. Upon registration students will be emailed further information on Dāna and a credit card authorization form only to be charged if a student leaves the course (email me if you don’t have a card/banking ability - we can make a plan).

Let’s Chat

I’d love to chat with you more about this course. I offer a free 30 minute consultation (15 mins if you stay busy) to anyone interested in chatting about healing. If you are curious if this course is right for you, please don’t hesitate to schedule a call.

Register Here

If you’re ready to commit to making relationship with your losses, follow this link to get registered for the course.

Preston Murray