I Am Safe: Affirmations for Grounding

When I teach yoga I focus on helping you get/feel grounded. Grounding comes from connecting to the earth below you and from connecting to the base of your energetic system. The root chakra (muladhara) exists on a gross level right between your genitals and anus. Within the chakra system it is at the bottom. It is the foundation. Energetically the root relates to topics such as career, the home, basic human needs - essentially, safety. We connect to our root by [practices which help in] getting grounded. We connect to the feeling of safety by grounding down through the root.

This can be done through visualizations of your energetic channel connecting down into the earth. It can be done through meditation. It can be done with affirmations about safety. I have found affirmations deeply beneficial to my own yoga and spiritual practices. Affirmations are spoken either in your head or aloud (or written down!) as a means of empowerment.

These affirmations don’t always feel good to say - at least maybe not initially. Sometimes they may actually feel like a complete lie to exit your mouth. Take note of that - of which ones poke at your emotions - and still try to say them anyhow. So long as the statement is something you’d like to believe about yourself, you can work through the discomfort by knowing it will not only get easier to say, your whole being will soon believe it.

Let’s try these ones on for size:

I am safe.

I am safe when I explore my mind, body and spirit.

I am safe when I explore what brings me joy.

I am safe when I explore my shadows.

I am safe when I express myself authentically.

I am safe when I say Yes. I trust myself.

I am safe when I say No. I trust myself.

I am safe to open up.

I am safe.

This week’s Sunday Yoga with Preston was a Yin-style class with less poses and more time to feel (and get into) each one. Since more time in a pose gives your mind more time to wander, I paired an affirmation with each pose. I invite you to join me in giving affirmations a shot with me in this class. Let’s tap into your malleable mind's listening & manifesting ability. Every cell in your body is listening. Let it know you're safe.