What I'm Bout

I'd like to use my blog as a way to share where I'm at, what I'm doing, and what I'm bout.

As I was driving home from yoga tonight I thought about the conversation I had before class about how much I love the bag I carry my yoga clothes in. I then thought "YUH! My website is where I can share my on-going year-long imitation of Oprah's favorite things." And then it quickly turned into a mind mash up of Oprah listing her favs to the tune of Bout it Bout it.

Anywhat, maybe people will want to read this at some point. Perhaps it will be a way for me to look back on where I was at without Facebook or Timehop. Maybe I'll get insecure about putting myself out there in a new way and delete it.

WHO KNOWS but here we go.

For starters - The number 1 thing I have been bout of recent is reflexology massages. It's an hour long full body massage that takes place in a chair, which was strange aspect #1 for me. Clothes stay on, which was strange aspect (WTF?) #2. Unique characteristics aside, I feel so magnificent afterwards that my roommate Vanna and I renamed Thursday to Rubbinsday and have created a loyal weekly commitment to our self care. $25 treat-yo-self holler.

Baths. I didn't start taking baths until earlier this year. Happily adding that to my "better late than never" list. I now know soaking is living and a luxury to be forever grateful for. Soak harder, my people. As hard as ya can. 

Last year I had a lot of trouble sleeping and within my research of what to do I discovered magnesium oil (Amazon link to product I use). Magnesium was off my radar and I wasn't thinking about it at all. I have slept deeply and soundly each time I've used magnesium (massage into feet) in my evening turn-down.

And ya know what else has magnesium? Epsom salt baths. Magnesium doesn't work as well when taken orally as it does topically. So rubs & soaks it is.

Epsom salt isn't salt - it's flakes of magnesium. I learned both those tidbits just last month during the hot yoga teacher training I took with Kat Lloyd. Kat was coaching us on how to deal with the intense dehydration you can experience when you take hot yoga classes every day and aren't as intentional about hydration as you could be. 2 cups in a warm bath for a 20 min soak.

Lastly, I'm starting to be more intentional about the water I put in my body and trying to learn as much as I can about the PH scale, water ionizers and hydrogen rich water. 

DID IT (wrote a blog post) - Thanks for reading.

Preston Murray