Thank You for Being Vulnerable

I can remember the first time someone told me they saw me as “vulnerable”. It was one of those ego-checking moments that makes me run to the Google machine to search “[word i need more info on] meaning” as quick as I can. The definition didn’t provide much initial comfort - “susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm”.

The first person who said to me was a man, which also contributed to the initial ego jab. I didn’t have any understanding of the value of vulnerability when I was presented with the gift of this feedback from my co-trainee in my 200 hr yoga training 4 years ago.

Fast forward to this past weekend. I was staffing a weekend with the Mankind Project as a “man of service” cooking meals for the men leading the weekend. Inside and outside of the kitchen I was surrounded by 70+ men actively looking at the way they show up in the world. What connects us as men (and as humans) is not that we have been susceptible to physical or emotional harms, but that we share the physical and emotional harms that are an inevitable part of the human experience.

All of us have hurt in our hearts and the more we share that hurt, the more we know we are not alone in our hurt. Thank you to the people of the world who share their hurt to open a space of vulnerability for me to do the same.