I serve my community by sharing what I’ve seen, learned and felt along my path.

I serve myself by diving into the unknown - introspection of my Self, my experiences, and the ways they intertwine into the offerings I am able to share with others.

I help people process their grief with tools that help to reclaim peace.

I work to process my own grief.

I help people expand their relationship with mind, body and spirit through yoga.

I dive deeper into introspection and connection to self through the practice of yoga.



Preston Murray is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and Certified Yoga Instructor based in Denver, Colorado. Preston strives to help others rediscover peace and joy in their lives by looking at what's within.  No one should have to carry the heavy weight of loss and a broken heart all on their own.  Having discovered his own path to healing and emotional completeness after a period of darkness, Preston knows first hand that emotional incompleteness surrounding loss can lead to illness, burnout, and loss of opportunity (all of which Preston experienced in the year prior to discovering the Grief Recovery Method).  

Preston aims to lead others by way of his own exploration of healing.  To create trust to look inside because you know you have someone to hold your hand and someone who's done it himself.  To remind you that there you will find joy and peace again. To help you find the switch to turn the light within you back on.

The foundation for Preston's personal healing and exploration of self began with yoga. It was through the practice of yoga that he became acquainted with whats within him and in touch with the interconnectedness of spirit with the human experience.  In addition to helping others reclaim peace through grief recovery, Preston helps others cultivate a relationship with their mind, body, and spirit as a 200HR RYT Certified Yoga Instructor.

Professional background

5+ years in the field of harm reduction empowering active drug users to prioritize their health and safety

Professional photographic services to the Denver and Colorado community (portrait, events, products) - since 2012


Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT 200)

Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

additional trainings

10 Day Vipassana Meditation Course - 2019

Adaptive Yoga Teacher Training (Weekend Intensive) - 2019

Hot Yoga Teacher Training (6o hrs) - 2018

Mankind Project New Warrior Adventure - 2018